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M Manifesting Things is the first of many books I hope to publish in the near and distant future; it has been a work in progress for all my life, it seems. Its contents are drawn from a vast sea of spiritual, religious, philosophical, global, and personal sources. It is written in observance of unknown African ancestors, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Florence Scovel Shinn, Minnie Riperton, Muhammad Ali, prophets, seers, mystics, and childbearers from all over the world. I don't claim to be the author, or originator, of any of its tenets; more or less a messenger - a teacher and a student at once - hoping only to benefit others by my successes....as well as my failures. While the book was written with African-American women in mind (simply because I am one and, naturally, think in terms of our particular concerns), my ideas are universal - intended for anyone willing to join me on this wondrous journey of the heart and creative mind. Between the book's 200+ pages, I am hoping to inspire ways to improve everyday life, promote spiritual connectivity, and maybe even change the world!
Thank You for your interest in MAnifesting Things!

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