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Manifesting Things includes inspirational/motivational writings, drawn from various religions, philosophies, teachings, musings, and personal experiences. I started these writings over ten years ago, with no clear intent as to what they would become. I would later connect them all, and infuse new ideas in with the old to produce what would result in Manifesting Things. As an African-American woman, the writings lend themselves toward our particular experiences. At the same time - although I make countless references to the power in our African ancestry – the ideas I present here are universal, practical, and objective. So, while, yes, this book is written with African-American sisters in mind, it is intended for anyone willing to join me on this magical and creative journey!

The basis of Manifesting Things is about defining, or redefining, our relationships with God and accessing those relationships to inform all of our experiences in life; from the most urgent to the most trivial.  Although, many of us are aware that we can and should do this, few of us actually ground and root ourselves in our own spirituality, and exercise it fully. The fact that we do this (or don't do this) is simply a part of the human and physical experience, and the book speaks to the spiritual struggle as well as practical solutions to help manage it. Manifesting Things addresses building a strong personal foundation from the spirit, soul, and mind.

The first chapter of the book, The Silence, explores the importance of personal, sacred space. In this chapter I visit Native American practices, Deepak Chopra, Paolo Coelho, 17th century Russian philosopher. P.D. Ouspensky, et al. Throughout the book I return to passages in The Holy Bible, and am drawn to wonderment and reverence of known and unknown African ancestors. I am frequently connecting the dots between religions and philosophies, emphasizing their interconnectedness and the possibility of creating one’s own personal creed, based on what feels like truth to each of us in our hearts. In addition, I explore the concept that it may take all of the good of what each religion has to offer to, collectively and individually, counter the challenges we are facing in the world today.

In addition, Manifesting Things explores both scientific and theological perspectives on Thoughts and Words, various angles on  Love, creating and opening up Opportunity, and universal approaches to Prayer & Affirmation. All of this is peppered with personal questions and experiences – both triumphs and struggles -a few song lyrics from some of my favorite artists, and  occasional Laugh-Out-Loud moments. Manifesting Things is a fun and intelligent read intended to reinforce the reader on her path to enlightenment, or open her up to new possibilities in thinking. Either way, it is a mere stepping stone towards spiritual strengthening that very well might begin, but certainly will not end, with this book.

Manifesting Things

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